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Wheel Balancing in Dublin

Wheel BalancingCorrect wheel balance is an important factor for both the comfort and safety of your journey. Sometimes called tyre balance, wheel balance is the distribution of the mass within your tyres. It can also refer to the mass of the wheel as a whole. An imbalanced tyre will have one area heavier than another.

To correct wheel imbalance, your AllVech technician will assess the condition of the tyres and entire wheels on your vehicle. We will ask a few questions about how the vehicle feels to drive at present.

Once this is complete, your technician will mount your vehicle on a machine which spins the wheels, identifying the source of the imbalance. We then use lead weights to correct the imbalance, leaving you with a smooth drive!

When should I have my wheels balanced?

We recommend checking your wheels regularly for any signs of imbalance. Whenever you have tyres removed and replaced, or new tyres fitted, you will need to have your wheels balanced. If you find any of wheel imbalance, call us to schedule a consultation and balance service.

Symptoms of Wheel Imbalance?

If you have a wheel or tyre imbalance, you can feel a vibration, shaking or wobbling in the steering wheel and in some cases, throughout the vehicle. This shaking will increase along with your speed. Wheel imbalance can often appear as a scalloped wear pattern on the tyre.

Is Wheel Alignment the same as Wheel Balance?

No, these are separate issues, both of which AllVech can help with. Sometimes, you can see incorrect alignment through uneven tyre wear, a pulling sensation with the vehicle’s steering or faster tyre wear than normal.

It’s important to evaluate the wear and depth of your tyre treads when deciding if your wheel alignment is off.

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