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Maintaining good care of your brakes is essential to the safe running of your vehicle. While all brakes are checked as part of your annual service, you will need to remain vigilant for any problem signs.

Here are some of the top signs that you may need to get your brakes repaired or replaced:

  • The ABS or brake light signal appearing on your dashboard
  • A squealing or grinding sound when you brake
  • Vehicle pulling to the left or right while driving or braking
  • A delayed response from your brakes
  • A longer stopping time than usual or a different feel from your pedal (i.e. stiffer or sticking; softer or pushing practically to the floor before stopping)
  • A shaking or vibrating steering wheel or vehicle when you brake If you notice any of the above or anything unusual about your brakes, don’t panic ­ just call us at AllVech to schedule a service or request an emergency callout.

Fixing Your Brake Pads on the go

As part of our 24/7 emergency callout service, we can repair or replace your brake pads at the roadside if necessary. We understand how important it is to take good care of your braking system. Our experienced mechanics will explain clearly what the problem is and will quickly act to repair or replace the part of your brakes that is malfunctioning.

If it’s a more complex braking problem, we will tow your car free of charge and get straight to work fixing the problem in our Dublin­ based garage. Keeping an eye on this vital part of your vehicle’s mechanics is crucial to staying safe on the roads.

How Your Brakes Work

Each wheel of your vehicle has a brake disc or rotor attached. This is surrounded by a brake pad on either side. The brake pads are attached to a caliper, also known as a drum brake.

When you press your brake pedal, the vehicle’s hydraulic system pumps brake fluid, or hydraulic fluid into the caliper, forcing the brake pads to close around the brake disc.

This friction between brake pads and brake disc is what causes your car to stop.

Brakes Replacement Tallaght Testimonials

We had 4 cars all that needed brakes replaced in Tallaght. We scheduled a date with Shane in Allvech and his mobile unit came and done all 4 driving schools cars. Our instructors where delighted with the service.

Paul in Driving Lessons Tallaght

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